The Sliqua Core Network (AS32740)

In case you haven’t heard the news, Sliqua officially owns and operates it’s own Autonomous System (AS) on the Internet. The Sliqua Core Network now operates under AS32740.

What does mean for you?
We’re not just another hosting company relying solely on a single upstream internet provider, claiming to operate it’s own network. We speak a protocol known as BGPv4, which is used by Internet Service Providers to share route information over the Internet. This means that even if we lose a connection to a direct upstream Internet provider, our network has the ability to self-heal and continue operating as if nothing happened. It also gives us the ability to adjust routes to improve performance when remote providers are experiencing issues.

We also now own our own IP address space, instead of utilizing another provider’s allocations, which gives us the ability to have Points of Presence in multiple facilities around the world. We have also started a project to implement IPv6, the next generation of the Internet Protocol, which is right around the corner.

What does our new network architecture look like?
Network Architecture

Want to learn more about the Sliqua Core Network?
We have setup a Public Looking Glass to display all sorts of geeky details about our network performance. This includes real-time network utilization between our Core Network and our upstream providers, Smokeping statistics for our connectivity between Tier 1 Providers, 3rd Party Monitoring of our uplinks to our Internet Service Providers, and the ability to Traceroute to remote addresses to see our performance for yourself.

This is a big milestone in Sliqua’s history
We hope that you enjoy the new network performance as much as we do. It has been a long time coming, and we’ve finally hit this milestone.