OpenDNS is Awesome!

What is DNS?

Domain Name System (DNS) has always been a “don’t ask, don’t tell” type of service that simply allows you to access all your favorite websites on the Internet by entering an easy to remember URL (such as This type of service serves such a simple purpose that most systems administrators don’t pay much attention to it unless a problem arises. DNS is a critical service for everyone that uses the Internet, not just the geeks out there.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could make a simple change on all the computers on your network (without spending a dime), and not only receive ultra-reliable and fast DNS services, but block phishing attempts and handle typo-correction (.cmo to .com, etc.) automatically? That’s what OpenDNS, a startup by David Ulevitch, a well-known DNS expert, would like to accomplish.

We have been putting this service to the test for the last few months and it works extremely well. In fact, on my home cable connection (Cox Cable) it resolves up to 5x faster than Cox’s standard name servers. This means that pages load at ultra fast speeds, as your system doesn’t spend as much time figuring out where you are trying to get on the Internet. The graph below is the amount of DNS queries a single server on our network handles over the course of this month.

OpenDNS on Zion

My favorite thing about OpenDNS isn’t just the fact that it’s a free service, its the fact that their tutorials make it easy for anyone that knows how to use a computer to use their service on just about any device. I hope that you will give OpenDNS a try and experience the true potential of your Internet connection.