Is your mission critical in 2007?

As you know (or should know) by now, the Sliqua Enterprise Hosting slogan was deemed “Is your mission critical?” just over two years ago. Like any company, we have set goals for what we would like to accomplish in the New Year. We will start by launching, our official corporate blog. It will focus on any topics that are interesting or useful to our client base and others just stopping by. At any rate, we would like to give you a peek into our day-to-day operations, and hopefully teach you something in the process.

Going into the New Year has brought on a lot of changes in the way Sliqua operates our business and I will explain a few reasons why in this article. If you find the information interesting, we hope you will use our RSS feed to receive regular updates on new articles posted on this website.


The first major improvement we have made going into the New Year is the termination of Hyperspin as our server monitoring solution. After using this service for well over a year, we deemed that it was giving inaccurate results regarding the status of servers. Our replacement for server monitoring is Pingdom, a Swedish startup that focuses entirely on system monitoring. After testing this service over the last quarter, we are now monitoring each of our servers and the services they provide (HTTP, FTP, MySQL, SMTP, IMAP, and POP) at a 60 second interval. Should a service fail on our servers, technicians will be notified via SMS and E-mail immediately.


Our second major improvement going is our partnership with Postini Integrated Message Management to offer a mission-critical mail service for our customers. This service handles all incoming e-mail processing off-site, and passes only legitimate mail onto our mail servers for delivery into your Inbox. Postini is a managed service, which processes over 1 Billion messages a day for 9.1 Million end- users, has been ranked as one of the top e-mail processing solutions on the market over the last few years. We are proud to have the opportunity to offer this service to our customers at a highly competitive rate. If you are interested in learning more about this service, please contact your account representative or e-mail

Thanks for stopping by, please check back soon for regular updates!